Pathways & Patios

Paving and concrete solutions for paths, entertainment areas and driveways.


Create functional and natural walkways with paving stones, stamped concrete, or natural stone. We can create just the right look, curvy or straight, flat or with steps. Need to see at night? We can build in lighting.

There are limitless patterns and color options to explore. Pavers offer a durable and stylish solution for your patio, while stamped concrete adds a more modern flair. Add outdoor living features to give your patio some flair!


Concrete or paved driveways provide year-round access for cars and more. We can help you consider things like snow removal, resale value, and more when selecting an option.

Creating Your Pathway, Patio or Driveway

When you are designing your pathways, there are multiple considerations. First, if the path or patio is in a more natural environment, like a garden, and will not have regular traffic, stepping stones, natural stones, or gravel may fit the bill. Consider if the path or patio has a lot of traffic and easy snow removal is essential, pavers and concrete may be a better fit. Next, select materials that match the style of your house and provide a more harmonious look. Consider the location: spots in the shade or with more moisture tend to stay wetter and attract moss, so using materials like concrete and those with a rougher texture is advised. Areas accessed at night require lighting. Lastly, consider your home’s retail value: select an option that will increase your home’s value but up to what you can recoup.

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We use high-quality materials to ensure your landscaping elements last.

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