Plants & Borders

Gardens, plants, shrubs, trees, sod, and borders all add natural beauty to your space.


Create the perfect garden, whether it’s flowers or vegetables. We can help your garden flourish by using suitable soils, mulch, and planting methods.

If you want a low-maintenance, low water solution, consider a xeriscape space.

Trees are essential to the environment and humans. They are beautiful and provide great shade and privacy.

Let us green-up your yard with sod or grass seed.  

Creating borders with mulch or gravel gives your space a stylish look, separates spaces, and reduces water and maintenance. 

Picking The Right Plants for your Space

Plants add beauty to any space, but selecting plants that thrive in your environment is vital. It can be great to pick a primary color or plant and expand your design. Give your space dimension with varying sizes, colors, and textures. Separate your green spaces with mulch, gravel, or stone borders to keep edges clean and provide added dimensions to your yard. Irrigation is vital if your new garden areas or plants require water. If you want to reduce your need for water, consider a xeriscaped space. Lastly, consideration is your home’s retail value: choose an option that will increase your home’s value but up to what you can recoup.

Vendor Partners

We use high-quality materials to ensure your landscaping elements last.

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