Retaining Walls

Whether its a large stone wall, a fire pit, or a planter, these features add functionality & beauty. 


Raised planters add style and effectively section off your garden areas.  They can also help with home drainage.

Properly installed retaining walls can provide erosion control and terracing for xeriscaping and water conservation. They also add style and can increase your usable space. 

Add flame to your outside experience to enhance the mood and add warmth on a cold night. Choose from pavers or stones to get just the right look.

Designing Your Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can extend your available space, reduce erosion, add beauty, or add terraced/raised areas for plants, firepits, or other landscaping features. Drainage, foundation, load, and grading are essential considerations; we will advise on those core elements. Choose materials that suit your wall/border’s purpose, will withstand the environment, match your home’s style, and are within your budget. Lastly, consideration is your home’s retail value: choose an option that will increase your home’s value but up to what you can recoup.

Vendor Partners

We use high-quality materials to ensure your landscaping elements last.

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